Improving lives is a gift

Our 4 years of buying paper from Nepal* for our gift sets have made a huge difference to families there. We’ve increased our purchase from 129,900 sheets to 339,050. So we’re helping support nearly 1,000 full-time and 2,800 part-time papermakers. That means almost 1,000 families can buy food and clothing, fix a leaky roof, send their children to school. Fewer fathers need to leave home to find work. Protecting 34,000 acres of forest also fights climate change. This is a gift for all of us. Aveda


Hair by Scott Darcy
Photography by Kelle Sinclair


With Spring hovering near we decided to consult Makeup Artist Reece Vander Velde on some looks we could achieve without spending too much on to many items. Using his favourite spring collection the Sea Blossom colours from Aveda, he put together two very distinct looks. A fiery Sea Siren for a sexy grungy night out and a dreamy Violet Coast that can be warn both day and night!

Sea Siren: The deep Hugh’s of the sea grass eye trio were ideal for creating a romantic eye with a grunge edge.

Violet Coast: For a dreamy lash line we looked to the violet coast trio for a pop of colour with a youthful appeal.


Behind The Scenes With American Crew All Stars Shoot

If there’s something that will get us out of bed on a Sunday after a big night it’s styling our fabulous male models! Needless to say we packed the makeup back on and cracked open the left over bottles of wine to begin our ‘Sunday Sesh’ of hair styling and I candy gazing!

We were excited to have models returning from last year’s competition who made finals to get back in front of the camera and support our team. As well as family and guests of the salon!

2013 Colour Harmony New Talent Winner Scott Darcy was back at it only days from returning from the national competition to style his AMC model!

Keep watching this space to see how we go!

We are currently loving angled bobs in the salon atm! Always a great way to get cute and short if you’ve always wanted to try it but still wanting length to feel a little safe.

We are currently loving angled bobs in the salon atm! Always a great way to get cute and short if you’ve always wanted to try it but still wanting length to feel a little safe.


Neo Goth AVEDA Colour Harmony Expression…

"And, like a dying lady lean and pale,
Who totters forth, wrapp’d in a gauzy veil,
Out of her chamber, led by the insane
And feeble wanderings of her fading brain,
The moon arose up in the murky east
A white and shapeless mass.”

A light of beauty within the realm of darkness saw these stylists create a new reality for the gothic culture realm for this year’s AVEDA Colour Harmony Challenge.


Colour Glam

Janell Geason
Eden Prairie, MN
Photographer: Corey Tenold


Hair You Can Devour

Having hair on the brain constantly i could help myself when while cooking I came across this little number… Edible Hair!!!

I decided to share this quirky recipe with you for that random time you may just need some edible hair for a change!


Here’s what you’ll need

corn syrup (about 150ml)
corn starch
a small round bowl (if glass, then spray baking release or a little oil)
a large bowl or tray
a small pot
a candy thermometer
dye (optional)

Possible substitutions:

Instead of corn syrup, you can use sugar and water, although when you cook the syrup, you’ll have to take extra special care to make sure all of the sugar crystals completely melt. You can also use honey or maltose syrup, too. (Corn syrup’s the cheapest, of course)
Instead of corn starch, you can use rice starch or toasted rice flour (what’s traditionally used in Asia), or, if you want your resulting hair to be brown, maybe cocoa powder. As long as what you’re using is dry, not sticky, and completely pulverized (i.e. a true powder), then it should work fine.

Cooking the corn syrup.
Cooking the corn syrup.
Two pucks cooling down.
Two pucks cooling down.
Stretching the strands…
Stretching the strands…
Important tips

Try to keep the thickness of the strands as even as possible, especially at the beginning. Any irregularity will get amplified with each twist-and-fold pass you make.
Be sure to dip the candy in corn starch with each pass. If you don’t, the strands will stick to each other when you stretch them out and it is impossible to separate them.
Keep the resulting hair as dry as possible. If topping on a cupcake, consider using a buttercream frosting instead of a ganache, since it has less moisture. It’s not as fragile as cotton candy (candy floss) in the presence of moisture, but it will eventually get sticky.


Put the corn syrup in a small pot and begin heating it up on the stove. If you want to dye your hair, now is the time to mix some food-safe dye into your corn syrup. (I’ve done this with red-dye and it worked terrifically).
Boil the corn syrup until the temperature reaches about 260-265 F (128-130 C).
Turn off the heat. The temperature might rise to 270 F (132 C) on its own, but that’s OK.
Let it cool down until for the bubbles to subside.
Fill the large bowl with about a cup of corn starch. Alternatively, put it in a mound on a lipped baking sheet.
Pour the reduced syrup (molten sugar) into the round container. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Push/pull the puck out of the container.
Poke a hole in the center. If the puck is really hard, use a sharp object like a chopstick. If it’s really hard, soften it in the microwave for about 3 seconds. (Don’t let it soften more than what’s necessary to poke a hole in the center)
Using your hands, work the puck into a donut (torus) shape. Try to make it the same width around. You can pull gently (don’t tug) to thin out the “rope.”
Twist the torus into a figure-8 and then fold the two halves into a double-roped circle.
Dip the double-circle into the corn starch, making sure all of the surfaces are coated and no bare sugar is showing.
Using your hands again, and by gently pulling, segment by segment, stretch the small double-circle into a large double-circle.
Twist-and-fold (step #9) again, dip in corn starch (#10) again, and pull and stretch (#11) again.
Repeat this process for a total of 12 total times. You’ll find that, while it requires some effort, it’s not impossible. Keep on making sure that the “rope” is the same thickness all the way around before twisting & folding.
When you’re finally done, you can pull at one point to break the circle into one large “pelt.” You can also shake it to get rid of any excess corn starch. The hair will not start to stick unless you’re in a humid environment.
If you want to have shorter segments of the hair, pull them off the main pelt, do not cut with scissors or a knife. That will cause the the strands to fuse together


Heartlands Hair & Makeup AVEDA Collection 13/14

a look of humble perfection.

Welcome to Heart Lands, a collection born and bred in Minnesota, USA, just a few miles from Aveda’s headquarters. In this collection we revisit a time when “handcrafted” was a way of life, and people tended the land, while the soil and sunshine and rain sustained them. You’ll see unfussy hair styles with loose ends, cuts as smooth as cornsilk, and hair colors that echo the setting sun. This collection’s makeup is lush and varied as a bushel of heirloom tomatoes —and just as flavorful.


The camera behind the camera.

Let the photo shoots begin! Here’s a sneak peak at the first photo shoot of many to come in order to produce Element’s Spring/Summer salon collection.

April uses Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray to achieve a secure rigid shape with high shine.

Catherine makes sure this hair isnt going anywhere with a few extra pins.

Quick check for symmetry and she is camera ready!

Lucky Liam was around because those long arms came in very handy.

Cheri working that camera!

Creative Director, Bree puts her spin on the ensombles.

Work that fabric!

Quick outfit change..